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Want to start selling your services on Fiverr but need some help to set up your profile and gigs?  Or maybe, you want to make money from Fiverr but don’t know what to sell?

Then this is for you. In this course, we will talk about how you decide what you want to sell, how to frame your skills and experience and how to create a profile that stands out.

It comes with:

  • Over an hour of video material
  • A workbook 
  • A copy of my popular ebook
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group

I will guide you through the process of working out what you should sell based on your strengths, skills and confidence level.  I will show you how to use the experience you have to promote yourself on the platform and create a plan for success.

This course will take you from feeling like you have nothing to sell to making money on Fiverr.

It is a complete package!



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